Webinar: How to Manage Stress & Activate Your Flow

Your organization’s people are your most important resource. They generate both your ideas and your revenue. 

A lot of companies these days try to improve working conditions for their people by providing “perks” like free lunches, concert tickets, team outings, and even much more extravagant gestures. Yet despite these tokens of appreciation, turnover remains high, job fulfillment stays stagnant, and stress in the workplace is only increasing.

In this webinar we will take a look at how forward-thinking companies are taking a new approach to nurture the strengths of their people. We will learn about:

1) How to measure your people’s Mental Strengths and improve their resiliency while decreasing their stress
2) How visionary companies gain a competitive advantage by nurturing their organization’s members
3) How to use performance psychology to improve team performance

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